I always try to keep my prices as low as possible to ensure that Reiki and crystal healing is attainable for all.


Reiki Healing for Her
Relax and unwind and let the gentle energy of this ancient Japanese healing practice help you to heal both body and mind. 
Sessions 1 hour approx
£25 per session


Children's Reiki
Life grows more and more stressful and our children face more difficult challenges than we ever did. Give them the tools to cope and find some mindfulness through Reiki. Suitable for 16 years and under and must be accompanied by an adult.
Sessions 30 minutes approx
£5 per 30 minutes


Animal Reiki
Suitable for all animals and I am happy to travel to you.
Session length and cost may vary according to location and treatment required~please contact me to discuss before booking.


Crystal Healing
Crystals vibrate with a unique energy which, when placed along the meridians of the body, can help to clear blocked chakras, release negative energy fields and bring you a wonderful sense of all round wellbeing and calm.
Sessions 1 hour approx
£25 per session with a Reiki charged crystal to take away with you, so that you can continue your healing at home.

Distance Reiki
Reiki can also be given through the use of ancient symbols to people who live further away from us, so if you have a loved one who would like some healing from afar, I can help.
£10 per session

*Disclaimer~Reiki and crystal healing are complementary therapies and are not intended to replace professional medical diagnosis, care or treatment. Always seek advice from your GP or medical professional in the first instance*