My journey so far...

From a young age I have always had a deep interest in Spiritualism and all things spiritual. Later in life, I began to follow a nature based spiritual path which helped me to connect on a deeper level with the world around me. 

This path developed and led me to my understanding that my calling was to be of service to Spirit and to others through healing. I began this service by completing a certification in crystal and energy healing in 2017. After a chance encounter (if there is such a thing!) with a Reiki taster treatment at a holistic fair, I was moved by the powerfully deep, transformative healing that Reiki gave me. In 2018 I found the most incredible Reiki Master to attune and teach me Reiki at all three levels, and I am now so pleased and full of gratitude to be a Reiki Master myself. Reiki continues to enrich my life every day.

I also love to give healing messages through reading tarot and oracle cards, and in 2020, I completed a Priestess course which allows me to be in service to women who wish to heal and develop their Divine feminine selves. When working with women, I love to work with the moons gentle energy and within her natural cycles to help heal on a deep, primal feminine level.

I am blessed to be able to give Reiki and crystal healing to others in my own garden cabin here in Verwood, Dorset and I believe I have created a place of pure zen where you can really relax and let go of the busy demands of modern day living.

I invite you all to get in touch and take the first steps on your healing journey with me. 

Reiki Blessings!

Nicola Lambley.